Welcome to T+L in Seattle!

Who’s been sleepless in Seattle?  We have!!!  So much to learn, see ,and do…What an amazing city and conference!

Welcome to our site that houses the tools you be hearing about and reveiwing during the course of our presentation.  Also, check out our wiki, which will showcase contributions by our audience (you!).

Click here to see our wiki that you will help create!

Mrs. M and Mrs. B

Hey, Fellow Ram Teachers!!

We’ve been working on this site for awhile, trying to make it as useful as possible for you and your students.  We’d love to hear how you use these tools.  We’d love to see some student samples created in your classroom using these tools. 

This site will be the anchor point of our presentation in Seattle at the end of the month.  Any tool that you can help us investigate will be one that we highlight during our presentation (giving you and your students the kudos you deserve).

Look around, take a tour, start investigating, begin creating.

If you are hesitant to register, we have a generic login and password for all of these tools.  That way you can try them out “on us” and later if you find the tool useful you can then create your own account. 

TooDaLoo – Mrs. M and Mrs. B

Welcome PSU Tech Conference Attendees!

Greetings!  You are our 2nd conference audience to learn about our Empowered Tech blogsite.  During today’s presentation you will tour our blogsite to learn about FREE technologies and how they could be used in your classroom. 

As we fly through these technologies, remember that you can always visit this site to find the information. 

This site becomes most effective when YOU become collaborators on this site.  You can become a collaborator by leaving comments or submitting new technologies or student samples (you’ll be given credit and kudos, of course!) on this site.  Make this site more powerful by adding your content!

Visit our site often as we will (and hopefully, you will) keep updating with new content!

TooDaLoo, Mrs. M and Mrs. B.

Hello KSDE Attendees!

If you are reading this post you (or a colleague) must have been part of our presentation at the 2008 KSDE Conference.  Thanks for checking out our site on your time!  If you have any questions about the tools we highlighted, let us know.  If you apply any of these tools in your classroom, please add your experiences to this blog.  And, finally, if you find other tools that we don’t have here but should, get us the info. 

We can’t emphasize enough that the quality of this site will only improve with your contributions!  🙂  Looking forward to hearing from you! 

Toodles, Mrs. M. and Mrs. B.


Greetings, Educators! 

Our site features open source (FREE!) technologies to tailor to your classroom to improve instruction delivery, student comprehension, and class engagement. 

This site is a work in progress and we will add new information as we learn of it. 

Explore our technology categories by clicking on specific pages (pages are listed across the top and in the left margin).  Follow our RSS feeds of technology updates listed in the right margin. 

If you find an empty link or an error, let us know and we’ll make the change.  BUT, most importantly use these tools and tell us what you think! 

TooDaLoo!  Mrs. M and Mrs. B  🙂